Bowling Party FAQ

Q. How long is the birthday party?

A.  You have two hours total in the bowling area  -   1.5 hours of bowling starts at the time of your reservation.

For example, if you book a party for 12:30,  the bowling starts at 12:30  and is done at 2:00 pm. The guest can stay in the lane area until 2:30pm.

Q. Can we bring beverages and snacks?

A. You can get pizza and other foods/beverages on premises.  You are allowed to bring in cake/cupcakes, juices, and other light snacks, but NO POPCORN!

Q. When should I order the Pizza?  

A. The best plan is to order the food for your party when you arrive the day of the party.

Q. When should the guests  arrive?

A. Your party guests should plan to be at the lanes 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your party.

Q. Where can we have cake and snacks?

A. There are tables in back of the lanes to use for cake and snacks.

Q. Should the presents be opened during the party?

A. It is best not to do the present opening during the bowling party. Kids will want to bowl and spend time in the arcade rather than watch someone open presents.

Q. When can the kids go into  the arcade?

It is best if the kids visit the arcade after the 90 minute bowling is complete but there is no restriction on when they can visit the arcade.


Q. When is the party over?

A. The party lasts two hours. The lanes will shut off 1.5 hours after the start of the party.  Your guests can stay in the lane area for the extra 30 minutes or visit the arcade  for as long as they want.